My philosophy as an artist

It is not my ambition to create critical paintings reflecting the chaos, darkness and disharmony of the present. However, as an artist I feel a need to express the hope of harmony, also present on earth, in a more quiet and unspectacular way in balance to disharmony. With my work I want to radiate (plant) this ‘seed’ of light for all situations of life.

Certainly we humans need to be stirred up nowadays, the “awakening and perception” – but mankind must not stand still in this phase when fear and overwhelming transform in petrification and paralisation.

My paintings are intended to take the viewer by the hand, to soothe and to guide him by tranquillity and conscience “pausing” towards the inner self, in order to allow changes. I create soothing and healing paintings for reconciliation with oneself and the world.

I do create energetic paintings, including as well with the strength of my conscience of the strength of love. Blockages can be overcome / disintegrated and a new, overall dynamic surface. Hope nurtures the thinking, instigating a new consciousness, standing up against the present zeitgeist of hopelessness.